According to The US Customs and Border Patrol of Homeland Security, territories are a part of the United States. U.S. citizens returning directly from a U.S. territory are not considered to have left the U.S. and do not need to present a passport. U.S. territories include the following: Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Swains Island, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. If the traveler also visits non-U.S. territories, (BVI) he/she is required to present a passport.

You will need a passport if you intend on visiting the BVI during your stay here in the USVI


Although U.S. citizens are not required to present a passport upon departure from the U.S. territories, travelers are encouraged to travel with a passport or other proof of citizenship, as they will be asked questions about citizenship and any goods they will be bringing to the U.S. mainland upon their departure from U.S. territories.

Additionally, although not required to present a passport, travelers departing the U.S. territories for the U.S. mainland are subject to customs and agriculture restrictions. Travelers are entitled to a $1,200 duty-free exemption, as long as they remained in the U.S. territories for 48 hours or longer. After the $1,200 duty-free exemption, travelers will be required to pay a flat rate of 1.5% on the next $1,000 worth of goods purchased.

CBP officers may also conduct baggage checks or ask additional questions as part of standard inspections of outbound passengers in order to prevent any non-native species of plants, pests, or plant diseases, which may be present on the islands from being introduced to the mainland. For example, a pre-departure examination is performed on all passengers, and cargo moving from the islands to the mainland U.S. The purpose of this examination is to prevent the movement of fruit flies and fruit fly host material. For more information on what agricultural goods can be brought from U.S. territories and Hawaii, please visit the USDA Web site. (USDA)

Are there ATM/Cash Machines?

There are two ATM machines in Cruz Bay, at First Bank (near the Ferry Dock) and at 1First Bank (at Starfish Market). There are other In-store ATMs around the island but are not always reliable.  The currency is the US dollar. Foreign currency can be exchanged at all major banks on the island.

The Virgin Islands are in what time zone?

St. John USVI lies within Atlantic Standard Time, four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. We do not have daylight savings time. In Summer we are on EST, in winter, we are 1 hour ahead of EST.

What about RENTING A CAR?

See our "Services" page.


Cars drive on the left-hand side of the road on St. John, (opposite the US) and steering wheels are on the left (the same as in the US). Remember to drive "Shoulder to Shoulder" (Your shoulder to the shoulder of the road). The speed limit on St. John does not exceed 20 MPH. For the best driving experience, a 4-wheel drive vehicle with a high road clearance (Jeep-Suzuki) is recommended. The hills are steep and the roads curvy. Always wear your seat belt or you will be ticketed.

What should I bring?

First and foremost, an "Island Attitude!" Then bring along sunscreen, bathing suit, cover-ups (required in town); personal toiletries, medicine; sunglasses. Pack light! St. John is a very casual island. Temperatures range from the mid-'80s during the day, to mid-70's at night. (Summer/Fall temperatures are a bit higher) See our helpful packing list.

Voltage Outlets on St. John, USVI use the same voltage as the mainland US, 110 volts.

Will I be able to use my CELL PHONE? Is there INTERNET CONNECTIONS?

All of our villas have WiFi, although, simply because of the location of the island, service is NOT 100% reliable 100% of the time. Your rental home is equipped with a telephone line but is restricted to local calls and INCOMING long-distance calls. You'll need to use a calling card or credit card to make outgoing long-distance calls. (Phone cards are also available in many places on St. John). Cell phone coverage is hit or miss here, due to the hilly terrain of our island. Sprint and AT&T are our main carriers in the USVI. NOTE: IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO USE A CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING.


Cruz Bay has three grocery stores which we have found will cover most of your needs. We provide certain incidentals in each villa and we recommend making your shopping list before you arrive in St. John so you don’t forget anything. Starfish Market is the largest market and is located in The Marketplace Shopping Center. (This is where the drug store, bakery, video rental, and gourmet store are as well). Other markets include Dolphin Market and Pine Peace Market in Cruz Bay. Love City Mini Mart is located in Coral Bay.

Payment Options and Balance Due

We accept  Personal checks, money orders, and Visa or Mastercard - bank checks for villa payment. Credit cards are accepted for boat charters, rental vehicles, restaurants, and other activities and services.